For shopping on the Abant.pl website - we care about your safety!
you can safely pay by a traditional transfer to an account kept at BZWBK bank
PL 68 1090 1737 0000 0000 7202 2070


Abant Sp.j Agnieszka Baranowska - Socha

Piastowskie 18

61-148 Poznań, Poland.

or through Electronic Payments Tpay conducted by:

National Payment Integrator S.A.
ul. St. Marcin 73/6
61-808 Poznań, Poland.

Check the available payment methods at: https://tpay.com/lista-kanalow-platnosci

You will also pay for purchases with payment cards:

Visa and MasterCard

Paypal is also available - we add operational costs charged by PayPal.