Online cosmetics store Abant.pl

Online cosmetics store and online cosmetics wholesale Abant.pl

Cosmetics store is a serious challenge nowadays, because every year more and more women and men spend more money on cosmetics.

Therefore, in order not to duplicate what can be found in traditional cosmetics stores, we decided to open our salon in Poznań, open online cosmetics store and internet wholesaler with cosmetics. In the online Abant cosmetics store we offer retail and wholesale clients professional cosmetics that are not available in traditional cosmetics stores. In cosmetic stores it is possible to buy Bielenda, Farmona, Gehwol, but these are other lines, intended for everyone, in other packages, usually smaller. In contrast, we have an offer in our online cosmetics store that is not on store or drugstore shelves, but is available in salons and beauty salons, from professionals who know. what is the best on the market at the moment, and they do not work like chains, which often push out the less popular or old stocks in promotions.

Of course, not all cosmetics in our online cosmetics store are available to everyone. Some manufacturers reserve that a cosmetic can not be sold to a person who does not professionally deal with cosmetics, visage, runs a beauty salon. Sometimes we also use other prices for professional customers, usually much lower than for a retail client. For everyone, however, we have a more interesting and more professional offer than what you can find in cosmetic stores and beauty outlets in your city, supermarket, mall or shopping center.